We would love to add your story to our We-Story database!

Do you have an uplifting and positive story about your relationship? We are collecting stories to build on the research we presented in our new book, Positive Couple Therapy. A We-Story is an account of an event or sequence of events in your relationship that serves as a reminder of your mutual love and commitment to each other and the relationship. It can be a moment of romance, a challenge that you faced together, or any experience that expressed strong connection and/or compassion between the two of you. It should be a story that is familiar to both of you and one that you have shared with each over the years (and possibly have shared with other individuals and/or couples). We think of We-Stories as touchstones and valuable symbols of the bond that you hold with each other. 

We invite you to share ​your We-Story with us. Please be aware that quotations from your We-Story may be used in published research; however, no uniquely identifying information will be used in order to maintain confidentiality.

​If you would like to participate in the full We-Stories study, which involves answering a few short questionnaires in addition to submitting a We-Story, click here.